Well, the cannabis (CBD) oil was pretty easy to find, and the bottle that usually sells for 28.99 was on sale for 20.00. With all the expensive foods I've had to buy for both cats due to their reduced kindey function, the cosequin, the vet visits (which fortunately haven't been to numerous), I'm more than thrilled to find something so cheap that could actually give both me and Juno a good nights sleep.

The instructions say it's best fed on an empty stomach but since my cats are pretty much eating all day I'm giving it after about a two hour window of not eating. It doesn't smell that bad, but it's not pleasant either. I was surprised that Juno took it without any argument, almost seemed to like it. We'll see how long that goes. This was his first dose, I gave it to him after dinner.

I decided to give the cannabis oil to my other cat Merlo. Merlo is 19, one year older than Juno. He also has a reduced but holding steady kidney function, but is much more relaxed and calm, no signs of distress or dementia. His issue has been sneezing. Throughout his life he has sneezed periodically but this summer the sneezing fits got really bad, and the amount of spray coming out of his nose was like a small sprinkler. The vet said he had a leak between his nasal cavity and a tooth was her guess. She said she could pull the tooth and pack his jaw with bone marrow but that he's so old making it though the anesthesia would be iffy. She said it could be an inconvenience he would just have to live with.

Merlot got a two week antibiotic shot and the first week after the shot the sneezing had reduced in severity. Then a week after the vet visit he had a sneezing fit with a lot of blood, and the next morning the same thing happened. There was a lot of blood, but other than that he was doing fine, eating and in no distress. The vet didn't have an appointment available till the end of the week. Fortunately by Friday, he hadn't sneezed again so what ever it was seemed to work it's way out. He  does wheeze a little when breathing now, so I thought the cannabis oil might help him as well. At the very least, the coconut oil would be good for the inflammation.

Merlot is not to accommodating having things shot in his mouth - even though I always make a point to go sideways and not directly down his throat. Maybe he was tired, but he also took the oil without any complaint.

So we're off to a good start!