So the first night on cannabis oil results were not what I expected.

Merlot stopped wheezing, no more noises coming out of his nose. I noticed that immediately since he's camped out on my bed ; )  Since the cannabis oil takes a while to get into their systems, I am guessing this may be more of a result of the coconut oil since it is anti-inflammatory. So we'll keep giving it to him, half the normal dosage for starters 1/4 dropper twice a day.

I gave the second dose and for some reason this one didn't go over as well...his ears went' down flat. Now, I've given him many squirts of different things in his mouth with the usual arguing and squirming, but this was the first time in his life I've seen his ears go FLAT. But the results seem worth the trouble, so we'll keep it up.

As for Juno, no such immediate changes were noticed. He squawked all night, and at midnight I also gave him a dose of the meds that will calm him down for a couple hours. Due to the meds, he did skip the 4 am call. Since he sometimes skips a round or two, I can't attribute this to the cannabis oil. He got his morning dose after lunch with out to much incident. Either he doesn't mind the smell, or is ok with it…or just doesn't care ; ) He was pretty quiet after that dose, so I was hoping that the nightt ime would be quieter as well but no such luck. He started out pretty quiet, but by 3 am was honking and howling, I have him his evening dose and he was quiet until 6, then he once again earned his nickname of "snooze button."

Paws crossed!