Juno wasn't looking to happy this morning so I decided to hold off on his morning dose, will give him one this evening. I was told the coconut oil could cause an upset stomach, so am taking this slow. He'll get his evening dose before bedtime and we'll see how/if he sleeps.

Though he looked kind of odd, he ate his full breakfast for the first time in about a week, so that's a big improvement. Not sure if it had to do with the oil, or him finally being humgry.

Merlot is sneezing again, though not as bad, will give him an evening dose and skip the morning dose. Depending on how much he fights me, I may stay with one dose a day for him as well, to make sure it's not having any other side effects before bringing him up to 2X a day.

Gave both cats a 1/4 dropper full right before lights out.