After giving both cats a late nite dose of CBD oil last night, everyone got a good nights sleep which is a big deal. The main reason I started Juno on the CBD oil is due to his cat-erwalling at night which ususally starts 10 minutes after I go to bed and continues at 2 hour intervals throughout the night. Last night he gave one (one!) yelp around midnight, and was quiet until almost 5 am! This means not only did he sleep, but I did as well.

It almost seems like Juno has a quota for how many times he will squawk during any 24 hour period. Since he didn't squawk during the night, he was very vocal during the day. At some point I may make a video of his squawking to prove to the internet just how loud he gets.

The lack of sleep has been a big issue for me, and when I discussed it with the vet she said that Juno's not sleeping meant his quality of life wasn't good, and I deserved to get a good nights sleep as well. Hopefully last night wasn't a fluke and the oil is really helping him sleep.

One thing about this oil is that it's hard to administer. It doesn't come out of the dropper very easily, takes about 5 or 6 squirts just to get a quarter dropper in the cats mouth. It also doens't smell that great. Juno is taking it ok, but Merlo really doesn't like it. It's hard to imagine either cat working up to the 1/2 dropper dose, or twice a day even at a quarter dosage so for now I've decided to keep the dosage at 1/4 once every evening.