I did not expect to see improvement so quickly since it takes about 2 weeks for the cannabis to get into their systems. So still am not sure if its the CBD or the coconut oil base which is helping them. Today, after an early morning wake up call from Juno, he ate his full breakfast, which he hadn't done for a week or so. His appetitie has usually been pretty strong but the week before he started the CBD his appetitie was not so good.

Merlo wanted to go outside today, which he hasn't wnated to do in at lease a month or more. He went outside twice, wamdered around the yard and generally seems more active. He also gets a bit squawky at times, but nothing compaired to Juno. His sneezing has been minimal and last night, though he was restless, he wasn't weezing and sqeeking when breathing. I do think the breathing issues are being helped more by the coconut oil since that is an anti-inflamitory.

The oil I'm trying is Organic full spectrum hemp extract including naturally occurring CBD with organic coconut oil as the inactive ingredient.

I was really tired today, possibly since I got a full nights sleep last night, my body is in shock! Am considering trying a bit of CBD myself, am not sure if I need a prescription or can find some OTC.