Last night Juno squawked really, really loudly about 1 hour after his dossage. When he squawks like that I usually pick him up and hold him for a few minutes, sometimes that helps. I can feel his body is so tense. Also noticed the water bowl was empty which could have started the squawking, seems the lack of water really upsets him. They get very thirsty with the low kidney function.

After I filled his water, he drank a lot and then got quiet. He did his usual early morning wake up call, but didn't eat much breakfast. His appetite went from nothing to eating a lot and is now back down to almost nothing. He's nibbling throughout the day. Usually I take the food away between breakfast and dinner so that he can work up an appetite but if he squawks very loudly during the day it ususally means he's hungry.

Merlot has also had some appetite issues and seems to be eating less. I'm seeing two things since starting him on the CBD oil - he's coming out into the living room more often (he's taken up residence in my bed), and after I give him the dosage in the evening he doesn't sneeze and wheeze which he does throughout the day.

My plan for both cats is to have them on the 1/4 dosage for 2 weeks and then re-evaluate. The CBD website says it takes about two weeks to get into their system. So even thought I'm seeing some immediate benefits, I don't know if it's the CBD or the coconut oil. But on the whole, they're both doing better (except the appetitie thing) and no signs of distress from the coconut oil. I do put pumpkin in their food, so that might counter act any issues from the coconut oil - or the amount of oil may not be enough to bother them.