I'm getting a little spoiled with all this sleeping through the night and sleeping in in the mornings! And it's nice to see the cats being a bit more active, though appetite hasn't increased yet. The boys are old, Juno is 18,  Merlot is 19. I'm not expecting them to run circles around the living room like they used to. My goal here is to make sure that they are comfortable in their old age. I don't want them to be in pain or not enjoying their lives.

I've also tried to minimize trips to the vet and medicines, so this CBD oil is a really welcome addition to the routine. Juno doesn't mind it at all, and Merlot is getting used to it. I still have them on 1/4 dropper at night time only. Not sure at this point if more would be beneficial.

Today both of them again decided to go on the patio and enjoy the sunshine. The both are more active than they've been in months.

So far, so good.