So the past 3 days have been uneventful - in that we're all getting a good nights sleep! But this morning Merlot didn't feel well and vomited. He has these episods once in a while where he drinks a lot of water then "returns" it. This was the first time he's had an episode like this since being on the CBD oil so I called the company who makes the CBD oil for their opinion and learnd a few things.

First I told them about Juno and how after the first night his sundown dementia has improved dramatically. They said that this is a big reason why people use the CBD oil and they've heard a lot of success stories regarding everyone getting a good nights sleep. The CBD oil stays in the cats system for 9 hours, and contrary to what I had read, it doesn't take two weeks to get into their system to work effectivly which explains why I noticed improvement on the first nights it was used.

Juno is only getting one dose at night, but seems calmer during the day, although he's more active. Now that he's getting a good amount of sleep and is probably in less pain, his days are easier as well.

Merlot, on the other paw, is not seeing as much improvement as I'd hoped. His sneezing is slightly less, and he isn't weezing as much at night, but he's still more restless at night. He changes sleeping places and postions a lot more than he does during the day when he sleeps in one place for hours. They said that he might not be getting enough of the oil and suggested a higher dosage which I may consider. The good news is that after not eating all day, around 3 pm he gave me that "I'm hungery" look. He then proceeded to eat a full meal. If he were having a reaction to the coconut oil in the CBD he would be having loose stools, which isn't happening. So I'll keep giving him the dosage for now, may try some higher potancy and see if that works better for the allergies and restlessness. 

Merlot is more active, walking around and jumping on chairs more, they said the CBD oil works on the inflamation in the joints. Both cats are on cosequin, they were up to two capsules a day, but I've put it back to once a day with the addition of the CBD oil and they seem more active so that's working well.